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    Secure File Sharing

    Easily share videos, audio files,
    documents or images with anyone

    Simply upload, set permissions and send

    The Way To Share Safely

    Stop sending insecure attachments via email. Instead, use FileTrack to share password protected, encrypted, read only files with expiration dates and restricted access.

    With FileTrack you can confidently share documents, videos, images and files from your computer or mobile device and know exactly who is seeing your work.

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    How it works

    share files share files share files

    Select A File

    share files

    Choose Recipient(s)

    share files

    Set Permissions

    share files

    Share With Recipient(s)

    share files

    Recipient Views

    share files

    File Self Destructs


    • Access your files from anywhere. Easily access your content from anywhere, and on any computer, phone, or tablet!

    • Set expiration dates. FileTrack let’s you share your information and take it back when you are done.

    • Set self destruct timers.

    • Block downloading and printing. Files can remain in our ecosystem so we can retain complete control.

    • Revoke - Ability to revoke files after sending them.

    • Allow controlled sharing. Option to allow or block recipient users from sharing your files with other users.


    • Watermarking. Customized watermarks, unique to each FileTrack user, are automatically included on every file. If you have a hundred different recipients they each get their own watermark without having to create a hundred different individual PDFs or videos.

    • Track all transactions user/file. know who’s accessing your files, what they’re doing with them, and where.

    • Track recipient history, includes opening, printing, downloading and sharing.

    • Instant File Activity Alerts. Receive real time email notifications when people open or share your files.


    • Screenshot deterrents. Apply screenshot deterrents to make it difficult for users to take screenshots.

    • Encryption of files and data at rest and in transit.

    • Transaction logging including device ID, IP address and geolocation.

    • Multi-factor authentication. We verify senders email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

    • FileTrack has passed multiple client audits based on MPAA principles.

    • Conduct regular internal audits and semi annual penetration tests by independent third party testers.

    We provide an easy way for you to securely manage your files

    Send one file to a few people or multiple files to hundreds of people

    Account Types

    • FileTrack

    • Features

    • Lite

    • free

    • Standard

    • $29 Monthly

    upload Files

    5 Files



    Storage Capacity

    5 Files



    Maximum File Size

    250 MB

    3 GB


    Maximum Number of Shares Per File

    10 People

    25 People

    50 People for Unlimited Projects

    Send Files Out Of Network

    First 5

    Enable or Disable Downloading, Printing, Copy Text, & Share Features for Recipients

    First 5

    Set Expiration Dates, Add Self-Destruct Functions

    First 5

    Lock Files to One Device & Revoke Files After Sending

    First 5

    Ability To Replace Files After They Have Been Sent

    First 5

    View recipient users’ history. See if they have opened, printed, downloaded, or shared your file

    First 5

    Get real-time updates with email notifications, comments, and tasks

    First 5

    View your files on any Device

    Automatically apply unique watermarks to each user

    Have access to our 24/7 support

    Make notes, mark up pages, and highlight text on your computer and mobile device

    Share notes and collaborate with others in a shared document

    Mass email groups and distribution lists

    Customizable Watermarks

    Track all transactions per recipient history, including opening, printing, downloading, and sharing

    Transaction logging including device ID, IP address, and geolocation

    Mass print documents for multiple users with individual unique watermarks

    Share non PDF Documents (FDX, Word, Excel, etc), video and audio files

    Add Terms and Conditions that recipients must sign before opening a file

    Admins can create “Shared Folders” and organize files for users in their network

    Admins can manage and control user permissions within your network

    Admins can send reset password links to users in their enterprise network

    Admins have the ability to create Enterprise & Standard accounts for others

    Have personal account manager

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    Feel safe knowing FileTrack is protecting your files


    Our technical department is available via phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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    Whether your are looking to establish an enterprise account or just have a question, we are here to answer.

    We know our Biz

    Knowing the business is our business. Find out how we can help.

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